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Story-Driven Video Marketing

Share your vision with clients and customers

Commercial Videography

Video advertising on your terms.

You take pride in your work. You built your business to represent your goals and to provide something valuable to your clients or customers. John Woodruff’s videography puts your message front and center and tells your story in a way that resonates with people. John helps you say what you want, in your own words, in a way that is memorable and engaging. You only have a few seconds to make a connection in the digital world. Make those seconds count.

Commercial video services starting at $1,500

Each video is designed around your business goals and philosophy. John will meet with you to determine the best way to tell your story. From there, it’s the same process as making a feature-length documentary: storyboards, interviews, b-roll shoots, editing, and finally—a finished product unlike anything else.

Woodruff Creative believes everyone should be able to stand out and tell their story, so video packages start at a low price and payment plans are available for small business owners on a tight budget. Past clients include non-profits and independent businesses.


Social media marketing videos

Don’t need a long-form video project right now? That’s fine too. Woodruff Creative can catch what you need in a bitesize format perfect for Facebook and Instagram.

This short format is perfect for store openings, events, and a quick introduction to who you are and what you do.

Short videos are generally charged on a per-video, low flat rate, but retainers and monthly subscriptions are available with big savings per video. If you are serious about your social media presence but don’t have a knack for video, this is the way to go.

Be Involved in the process.

Some video companies give you a set script, one edit, and that’s that. No reshoots, no changing a shot here and there without additional fees. Woodruff Creative is transparent with the entire process and shares every script with you. The first round of revisions is always included in your price, and if something is going to cost extra, we’re upfront about it.

Woodruff Creative’s mission is to realize your vision. You’ll be involved in the process from start to finish to make sure the final product reflects who you are. No carbon copy scripts, no reused shots from older videos. Everything is tailor-made for you and your business.

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Build the video you want

Looking for a 5-minute piece? How about 15 or 20? Sometimes there’s a lot of ground to cover, and that’s why there aren’t set time limits on this page. Multi-part video series and longer videos are always an option, and typically come with savings when packaged up front.


What to do next

You can submit a quote by email using this form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Provide the name of your business, the location, and when you’re available to talk. Include any information about your business goals and what you want to accomplish with your video. If you’re not sure, think about some of these prompts:

  • Why did you start your business?

  • What makes you different than your competitors?

  • What is special about your product/service

  • What is new at your company? Are you expanding?

  • Why do you like doing what you do?

  • What is the thing customers love about you?

You don’t need to know the answers to these questions. They’re meant to get you thinking and inspired so we can start showing the world what makes your work important.

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A la carte services

Get exactly what you want. You aren’t roped into paying for a whole variety of services you don’t need. If you want one video, you get one video. If you want to create a campaign with multiple videos, you’ll get an invoice detailing the cost of each shooting day and edited video—with big discounts for large orders and repeat customers.


Let’s get started. Fill out the form below to get a quote on your video.

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